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Travis Kalanick

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

The smart, opinionated CEO has barreled through the ground transportation industry with all the delicacy of a rabid bull in a china shop. He’s done such a masterful job performing for the media that few bother to question how big the opportunities really are in Uber-like ground transport. Kalanick takes on critics and customers with an “I’m right, you’re wrong” approach that is refreshingly blunt, even when he’s wrong.

If more CEOs were like Kalanick, the industry would be even more fascinating.

He told a GQ writer earlier this year: “If you can get a Prius for cheaper than a taxi, you just changed 100,000 people’s lives in a city. If you can get it reliably? Holy shit.” Kalanick pauses to sum up the experience, then says unabashedly: “That’s hashtag winning.”

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