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Tariq M. Shaukat

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Caesars Entertainment

After joining Caesars Entertainment in 2012, one of the first things Tariq M. Shaukat did was change their digital strategy to reflect the changing demographic of their audience. In an interview with Trend Reports, Shaukat said “A lot of people said older customers aren’t going to be social media savvy, but after doing the research we found that most of our valuable customers are affluent, slightly older and are early adopters of technology.” Now, Shaukat directs Caesars’ advertising, marketing, and customer relations with an eye to having a more tech-savvy base.

Prior to joining Caesars, Shaukat was a principal at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He also has a strong background in the tech world; he co-founded a social media company and served as Director of Marketing and Business Development at Trilogy.

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