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Salam Al Shawa

Vice President, Corporate Communications
Qatar Airways

As Qatar positions itself as a global meetings destination, Qatar Airways becomes an increasingly important player. Salam Al Shawa is Qatar Airway’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, and she is an integral part of the company’s plans for growth. Qatar Airways recently joined the oneworld alliance, which positioned the company alongside stalwarts like American and British Airways. Shawa was also on hand when Qatar Airways signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Carnegie Mellon University, a partnership that allows for integration between the academic and aviation sectors and maintains the airline’s commitment to continued development of its employees’ skills.

Shawa first joined the company in 2002, establishing its Marketing & Communications Department and building a PR Department that serves Qatar Airways in over 120 markets. She has also worked for the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, and was instrumental in the development and launch of Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Arts.

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