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Ramon Jimenez, Jr.

Secretary of Tourism in the Philippines
It’s More Fun in the Philippines

“If you come to the Philippines and you don’t like what you see on land, just stick your head under water and you will be okay,” Ramon Jimenez Jr., the Secretary for Tourism in the Philippines, told people at a diving expo and exhibition promoting his country’s wonder deep-sea world. That off-beat sense of humor has served Jimenez well in his attempt to brand the country as a major tourism destination. Jimenez led efforts to craft the country’s new tourism slogan, eventually settling on, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.” To Jimenez, it’s simple. “The best marketing communications campaigns anywhere in the world are really hinged on the simplicity of a proposition,” he said.

Jimenez was a well-regarded advertising executive in the Philippines before being named to his post in 2011. His firm helped develop Philippine brand names like Jollibee and San Miguel Beer, helping to bring them to a global audience.

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