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Phil McAveety

Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer
Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Phil McAveety isn’t afraid to do the work required to understand his company’s properties. That’s why he and his team routinely pack their bags and move into one of Starwood’s hotels or resorts for a month at a time – what better way is there to create a global brand than by seeing exactly how each individual property performs? “The only way to feel it is to live it a little. Our local managers are our eyes and ears on the ground, but ultimately we are trying to create a great global brand experience, and we don’t want to abdicate brand reputation to each individual market,” McAveety said.

McAveety joined Starwood in 2008. Before coming to Starwood, he worked as the Global Brand Director for Camper International. He also spend nine years working for Nike. He has an AMP from Harvard Business School and completed undergraduate studies at Exeter.

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