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Per-Arne Tuftin

Director of Tourism
Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway strives to promote and support Norwegian businesses at home and abroad. As Director of Tourism, Per-Arne Tuftin takes the concept of “Innovation” seriously. Under his supervision, the VisitNorway website now boasts increased functionality, allowing travelers to book their entire trip through a partnership with BookNorway. Though a viewing of the legendary Northern Lights can’t actually be scheduled, Tuftin launched a mobile app, NorwayLights, which predicts where and when the lights will be visible. Tuftin also prioritizes sustainability throughout Norway’s travel industry, acknowledging that “Norwegian tourism relies on this unspoilt and beautiful landscape to encourage people to visit. That is why we are constantly working to improve and increase the sustainability within this sector.”

A graduate of the London Business School, Tuftin served as Director of Public Affairs at both Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Tourist Board before being named Director of Tourism in 2006.

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