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Paul Hennessy

Chief Marketing Officer

American hotel websites typically put price before customer experience. entered the U.S. market with its main objective being to get “booking right,” to provide the best room while also offering customers the lowest price. Paul Hennessy, Chief Marketing Officer of the Netherlands-based company, explains, “We are the place on the Internet where travelers can find a home-away-from-home that meets their budget and surpasses their expectations, whether they are booking for an overnight business trip or the vacation of a lifetime.” In February made its U.S. television debut with its “Booking dot yeah” campaign, and it has stuck with it throughout the year.

Hennessy joined in 2000, serving in a series of leadership roles, including VP of Rental Cars and Chief Distribution Officer. In 2011 he was named CMO of, which JD Power & Associates rated the top travel website for customer satisfaction for 2012.

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