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Michael Moritz

Sequoia Capital 

Sequoia Capital’s recent investment in Scotland-based Skyscanner is just the latest in a long line of deals with travel-tech startups, including Kayak and Airbnb. Chairman Michael Moritz stepped down from a day-to-day role with the company in 2012, but he tells Forbes he’s busier than ever. Moritz sees plenty of potential in Skyscanner, a travel-booking engine with an international reach and an API-centered product strategy. “When, in 2033, someone surveys the universe of online travel companies, 2013 will seem like very early days,” Moritz says. “Today, Skyscanner is just scratching a small portion of the opportunity in travel, and much remains to be done.”

Born in Wales, Moritz is a tech legend. He joined Sequoia in 1986 after working for Time magazine and writing The Little Kingdom: The Private Story of Apple Computer in 1984. Since then, he’s guided numerous investments in Google, PayPal, YouTube, and Zappos and currently sits on the LinkedIn’s board.

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