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Laura Esquivel Frampton

Director of Tourism, Belize
Travel Belize

The nation of Belize saw the amount of overnight arrivals to Belize jumped by nearly 11 percent in 2012, an impressive figure for a tiny nation that relies heavily on tourism dollars. That’s quite the impressive start for Laura Esquivel Frampton, named the country’s Director of Tourism just two years ago. “Clearly for the industry it is good. It means heads in beds. It means persons in restaurants. It means persons taking tours. It means [an] overall increase and sustainability in jobs in the tourism sector,” she told the Belize press when announcing these results. Esquivel Frampton has also pushed for marketing endeavors in “archaeological tourism” that would bring visitors to Belize’s rural communities, integrating them into the tourism sector.

Esquivel Frampton has worked for the Belize Tourism Board since 2008, previously serving as its director of product development. She also has worked for Radisson Hotels. She is a graduate of North Florida University.

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