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Kathleen Reidenbach

SVP Marketing
Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group

When Bill Kimpton founded his eponymous hotel group, boutique hotels were nascent. The small chain stands at just sixty hotels, but there are plans to grow the brand to about one hundred properties. Marketing SVP Kathleen Reidenbach welcomes the challenge of expanding while staying true to Kimpton’s vision, acknowledging, “Our founder, Bill Kimpton, was a humanitarian and a man known for living a full and fun life. My job is to ensure that everyone from employees to guests understand and engage with our brand, and that the experience is as relevant, inspiring and compelling as it can be.”

Reidenbach arrived at Kimpton in 2002 as part of the Revenue Management & Distribution team, before rising to her current position earlier this year. In 2013, the Market Metrix Hospitality Index gave Kimpton the highest customer satisfaction scores (93%) and emotional attachment scores (89%) of any of their U.S. competitors.

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