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Jonathan Pierce

Director of Social Media Communications
American Airlines

For today’s airline passengers, the customer experience no longer begins and ends at the airport. American Airlines’ Director of Social Media Communications, Jonathan Pierce, builds enduring relationships with travelers across multiple social media platforms. Of course, a dissatisfied passenger can still register a 140-character complaint on Twitter or on Facebook, and Pierce’s team of community managers frequently responds within the hour. But Pierce’s social media team uses Pinterest Boards to inspire travel, and maintains a YouTube channel that answers crowdsourced questions about life “Behind the Scenes @ American Air.” They’ve become the airline to beat on social media.

Pierce began his career in banking at NatWest before joining American Airlines in 2000 as a Marketing Manager. He took over American’s Social Media Communications in 2011. Pierce explains, “We believe social media is continually evolving. While customer service is and always will be the core of our business, social media will become even more of a personalized platform to communicate proactive messaging.”

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