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John Wallis

Global Head of Marketing & Brand Strategy
Hyatt Hotels

Though John Wallis has been with Hyatt for over thirty years, neither he nor the company are complacent. Hyatt’s marketing campaign evolves from an ongoing dialogue with customers, through a process Wallis refers to as a “Listening Loop,” taking place on social media like Facebook and the emerging platform Branch, and at the grassroots level, soliciting input from guests in hotel lobbies. This philosophy, summed up as “We’re Always Listening,” has led to a targeted approach to a strong female market. “When we started testing ads in focus groups,” Wallis explains, “Women said they loved that we were listening to them. So, we think our work is actually just beginning by having conversations.”

In Wallis’ thirty-plus years at Hyatt, he has spent extensive time managing the companies’ properties overseas as Senior Vice President of Global Asset Management. He has also held positions in Product and Brand Development as well as Marketing and Sales.

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