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John Hanke

Serial Entrepreneur and Head of Niantic Labs
Niantic Labs 

Serial entrepreneur John Hanke currently heads up Niantic Labs, an internal startup at Google. Previously co-founder and CEO of Keyhole (acquired by Google in 2004), Hanke headed up maps for the search giant until the Niantic launch and its subsequent releases of Field Trip, a travel app, and Ingress, a massively multiplayer sci-fi game. “I’ve done as much as possible to really set it up like a startup,”  Hanke told Fast Company. Next up for Niantic, Google Glass apps will need this kind of environment, he adds. “I guess that’s the advantage of doing it in this sort of startup thing instead. We didn’t have any existing responsibilities. We did start from a blank slate.”

The Texas-raised Hanke worked in foreign affairs for the U.S. government before getting an MBA from University of California, Berkeley, in 1996. His involvement at Keyhole was preceded by work at two other startups, Archetype Interactive and Big Network.

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