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Inga Hlin Palsdottir

Director, Tourism & Creative Industries
Promote Iceland

Promote Iceland’s Director of Tourism and Creative Industries Igna Hlin Palsdottir knows that Iceland faces steeper hurdles in attracting tourists than many other destinations. In an interview with Kongres, a European meetings industry magazine, Palsodttir said, “We had a crisis with the volcanic eruption that disrupted the lives of millions around the world. Iceland was the centre of attention and at times not for the right reasons.” But that led her to work on the “Inspired by Iceland” campaign, which she now serves as coordinator for.

Working with the knowledge that people who travel to Iceland are “more likely to want to recommend it to others compared to other countries,” Promote Iceland launched this storytelling campaign to mimic that sense of getting a friendly recommendation. And the response was huge – an 18.5% uptick in visitors.

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