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David Scowsill

President and Chief Executive Officer
World Travel and Tourism Council

As the chief executive of the World Travel and Tourism Council – an organization that represents the chief executives of the biggest travel companies – David Scowsill might be more tapped into global travel trends than anyone else. Not only does Scowsill serve as an advocate for the industry, but each year, the WTTC produces extensive research on the impact of tourism around the world – economic and otherwise. In his opening speech at 2013’s WTTC summit, Scowsill noted the importance of keeping an eye on the environment while expanding the industry, asking attendees, ”How do we facilitate the growth of our industry responsibly and sustainably, without destroying our planet in the process?”

Prior to joining the WTTC in 2010, Scowsill worked in several different areas of the travel industry, serving as Senior VP of Sales, IT, and Marketing at Hilton International; Sales & Marketing Director at easyJet; and CEO of travel search site Odopo.

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