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Chris Gabaldon

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

A presence on Twitter is a virtual given for any hospitality corporation, but Ritz-Carlton also utilizes FourSquare to connect with hotel guests, who can “check in” at a local landmark and find tips or recommendations from the nearest Ritz -Carlton concierge. This social media application fits seamlessly into Ritz-Carlton’s “Let Us Stay With You” campaign, an interactive approach to hotel marketing. When the campaign launched, Gabaldon explained “This campaign has the ability to resonate with individuals and interact with the brand – and there’s no better place for that to happen than in social media.”

Gabaldon began his hospitality career as a barroom/backroom attendant for Marriott, and has risen through both Marriott and Ritz-Carlton over the last twenty years. He oversaw sales for Ritz-Carlton before becoming CMO in 2010, and now holds the title of Area Vice President for the Western Region of the United States.

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