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Cathy Tull

Senior VP Marketing
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

As Senior VP of Marketing for the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, Cathy Tull tries to make sure that not everything that happens in Vegas stays there. In 2013, she helped launch the LVCVA-owned, a comprehensive website intended to serve as the ultimate resource and booking site for flights, hotels, shows, and more. The LVCVA is focused on drawing more international visitors to Vegas. Tull explains, “Tourism is the largest economic driver in southern Nevada.” This year also brought an update of the iconic “What Happens Here, Stays Here” campaign, focusing on “enablers” who make the average traveler’s Las Vegas experience more… “Vegas.” A companion microsite allows users to determine their own “Enable” score.

Tull has been “enabling” Las Vegas tourists and conventioneers since 2005, rising to her current position in 2009. She has lived Las Vegas since 1997, and previously served as Vice President of Administration for MedicWest Ambulance.

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