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Brian O’Malley

Accel Partners

Partner Brian O’Malley came to Palo Alto-based Accel Partners from New York’s Battery Ventures in late 2013. Founded in 1983, Accel has a long and prolific history in the travel space, with investments in Kayak, Russian booking site Ostrovok, and Brazilian recommendation platform Kekanto. O’Malley tells Forbes that the geographic move to Silicon Valley had quite a bit to do with the decision. “Being in the center of opportunity gives you more of an ability to collaborate on investments,” O’Malley says.

During his decade at Battery Ventures, O’Malley invested in more than 20 companies, including Bazaarvoice, Insitu, and HotelTonight, earning him a spot on Forbes’ Midas List VC Draft: Hot Prospects list. Before Battery, O’Malley was at Internet tool provider Bowstreet, where he was a pioneer in API integrations.

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