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Brian Camposano

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Concur’s cloud-based business travel platform handles everything from booking flights to itineraries to expense reports. The company’s stated mission is to lead the industry toward “the perfect trip,” from packing to coming home.

In a recent interview with Switchfly, SVP Brian Camposano says he’s a 200,000 miles a year and he’s a dedicated user of Concur’s mobile products himself. He uses them to plan his trip to the airport and catch a taxi at his destination. “I get to the hotel and am able to bypass the front desk and go straight to my room because the hotel app on my smartphone has provided me with a ‘soft key’ that can unlock my door via NFC,” he adds. “I use ExpenseIt from Concur to capture images of all of my receipts, using the camera on my smartphone”–and Concur takes it from there, using automatic OCR to create expense reports.

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