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Amy Curtis-McIntyre

Chief Marketing Officer

Airbnb helped change the accommodations landscape by connecting travelers directly with individuals who wanted to rent out their homes and apartments. And now, Airbnb’s CMO Amy Curtis-McIntyre is changing how the company reaches the 9,000,000+ guests who use Airbnb in 192 countries. Since joining the company in March of 2013, Ms. Curtis-McIntyre has headed up several efforts, including advertising and brand awareness for major events like the World Cup, creating “pop-up” rooms designed by celebrities in Los Angeles, and commissioning “short films” that could be used as commercials — including one created by users with the video app Vine. Moving into 2014, she plans to ramp up awareness-based marketing for Airbnb, including expanding to Asia and South America.

Previously, Curtis-McIntyre served for two years as the CMO of Old Navy — but she does have a strong background in travel, having also served as JetBlue’s CMO and head of brand marketing at Hyatt.

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