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Abi Comber

Head of Brands and Marketing
British Airways

Abi Comber, British Airways’ Head of Brands and Marketing, launched a medal-worthy campaign during London’s 2012 Olympics, riskily urging Britons, “Don’t Fly.” She continued this success in advertising in 2013 with two new campaigns. “To Fly. To Serve. Today. Tomorrow.” was intended to hearken back to BA’s legacy, while also showing off the airline’s £5bn investment in improving the customer experience. Comber explains “People seem to relate to the emotion of flying and airports and this is something that comes across in this latest advert.”

BA’s “Look Up” campaign used innovative technology through a series of billboards that interacted with planes flying overhead, broadcasting the flight and destination, and allowing the child pictured to actually look up at the passing plane. Comber has held senior roles in British Airways’ marketing department since 2002, and is responsible for the strategic development of all of BA’s global brand and marketing activities.

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